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Ofertas de Universidades EU para solicitudes de Contratos Marie Curie
Emisor: Gloria Peralta González <>
Fecha: 3 de abril de 2019 10:44:07
Ámbito del mensaje: Público
Tema: ofertas de trabajo , sin-uso , sin-uso

Hola otra vez,
Desde el proyecto “The European University of the Seas, SEA-EU”, nos envían un listado de ofertas para solicitar Contratos Marie Curie de la Unión Europea.


Main Research Field

Sub Research Field

Job Title

Information Science and Engineering (ENG) 


COAX - Complex Coaxial Microwave Resonators

Microwave photonics (MWP)

Post-doc: Bidirectional up and down frequency conversions for sub-THz microwave photonics networks

Materials sciences, mechanical engineering

Modeling the thermo-mechanical behavior of titanium alloys

Marine sciences (MAR)

Environment and Geosciences (ENV), Hydrography - Hydrodynamics

Dune dynamics under strong tidal current via innovative in situ measurements

Life sciences, Animal demography, behavioral ecology, conservation biology, evolutionary ecology, quantitative wildlife ecology

Delayed demographic responses of early conditions and ontogeny in long-lived species: from individuals to populations

Life sciences, Mathematics (MAT)

Developing Quantitative Methods for Ecosystem-Based Environmental Impact Assessment

Law, Geography, Humanities

The legal protection of Citizen science data: overview of the situation and perspectives applied to marine areas

Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC), Gender equality in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture, women’s organisations, participation at the decision making, women empowerment

Gender roles in coastal communities in small scale fisheries and aquaculture

Life sciences, Fish physiology

Impact of elevated CO2 level on the sensory systems of two teleost species at early life stages

Health Sciences (HEA)

Cellular and molecular biology, gene therapy, pharmacology, biochemistry

The development of multimodular formulations adapted to the Cystic Fibrosis gene therapy

Physiology, Health

Prevention of decompression sickness (DCS) : genetic and physiologic characterization of a new rat strain selectively bred for its resistance to DCS

Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)

Eighteenth-century sociability ; Letters and Letter-Writing ; Digital Humanities

Postdoctoral fellowship in eighteenth-century studies

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